"Marie-Claudine Papadopoulos - a name to remember!"
- Concertonet

Within the scope of the “Neustart Kultur” initiative, Marie-Claudine Papadopoulos is a grant recipient of the “Deutscher Musikrat”. This program is aimed at relaunching concert activity as soon as the pandemic recedes. Bringing music to as many people as possible is Marie-Claudine's professional aspiration as a musician. Having won first prize in the “Ton und Erklärung” contest of 2012  organized by the “Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft” (Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy), she stands out for her ability to "moderate" her own concerts, supplementing words to music, and creating a rapport with the public. These “conversational concerts” have become a hallmark of her activity as a violinist. The current environment and the mandated distance from the public therefore weighs all-the-more heavily on her. This is the reason why, in cooperation with the Deutscher Musikrat, Marie-Claudine plans to focus her performances on concert seasons and festivals particularly at risk from the pandemic, relying on the support afforded by her scholarship to revive their activities and contribute to the return of live, classical music. The partnership begins in April and will last till 2022. 
All interested organizers can contact Marie-Claudine directly using the contact form.

Project with the San Pedro Sula Symphony Orchestra

Marie-Claudine and Alexandre Vay had the good fortune to discover Honduras in 2017; at the invitation of conductor Oscar Barahona, they played with the San Pedro Sula Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the "Imnufest" festival. The hospitality, generosity and musical energy they encountered made this discovery a unique experience. They then had the opportunity in turn to invite Honduran musicians, including Oscar Barahona, to perform at the festival in Trouville-sur-mer in France in 2018. Since then, close ties between the musicians of both countries were formed, and many projects are underway for the years to come, both pedagogical and artistic, combining the two cultures and breaking down geographical borders, as well as social and generational divides. 

J.S. Bach and his contemporary reflections

Bringing the music of J.S. Bach to life through the creations of young contemporary composers. It is from this desire that the following idea was born; to associate J.S. Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for violin with six contemporary “mirror” pieces commissioned from six, young composers. Each one was tasked withcomposing an “echo” of each Sonata and Partita, a mirror reflection of sorts for each of these unique works, enabling them to be reinterpreted differently, engaging with the imagination of the artist and his audience. The paralleling of these universes, nourishing each other, offers an exciting journey through styles and centuries. This journey with composers, each with their own personalities, musical styles, and diverse concepts, when confronted with my own vision of the works of J.S.Bach, propelled me to understand his music differently, challenged me to rethink my work, opening up new perspectives of interpretation. The opportunity then to attend the creative process of these contemporary pieces, the exchange with the composers, and the joint work, enabled the creation of this mirroring between of a pillar of musical literature for violin and contemporary pieces.